Who We Are ?


Is to be the preferred trademark and supplier of fresh juices and processed Fruits


Provide high quality products using high quality technologies through all the Processing Cycle ensuring the cost of our products and the most important is to satisfy the customer through delivery services and Products that exceed customer expectations


We ALLORD Company started in 2018 and our vision is to introduce the market to a new business model for Fruit production that holds innovation at its core


All types of manufacturing processes are carried out on all types of fruit using high technology machines in freezing the Fruits using the IQF technology which helps to get a temp of-20C in a hour or less , cutting the fruits and getting cubes by using automated machines and getting fresh Juices using high advanced and new technologies and Production lines which is 90% automated also getting the puree out of the fruits which is used by other entities to reproduce it and getting other Products out of it like the ice cream and other Products.